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Pak Svetlana Mikhaylovna, Doctor of philological sciences, associate professor, head of sub-department of foreign languages and cross-cultural communication, Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law (134 Tikhookeanskaya street, Khabarovsk, Russia),

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Background. The article aims at studying Russian and American personal names as linguistic signs whose semiotic potential is presented both inherently (the plane of form) and adherently (the plane of content). Personal names are a considerable element of national cultural code and their comprehension requires explication of socially meaningful and psychological factors. The objective of this study is to disclose socio-psychological factors conditioning names-giving practice and namesperceiving in the Russian and American culture.
Material and methods. The article suggests a method of sociometrics to display a dependency of personal names on social and psychological factors. Names indicate meaningful social parameters of stability/changeability. The material for the study was extracted from correspondence between people, mass media and popular sites.
Conclusions. Key socio-metric parameters determining a fashion for names regarding the Russian medium are ideology, socio-political situation, influence of mass media and the Orthodox church, whereas for the USA – factors of regional divergence, social status and gender.

Key words

personal name, social mythology, sociometrics, adherent connotations, inherent connotations

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